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Dynamic Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Expertise

We are passionate about using the very best products to accompany our great service, keeping your work environment clean, hygenic and safe with eco-friendly green practices.

Floor Care 101

A clean, well-maintained floor adds a welcoming feel with professionalism to any commercial space. Great Floor Care is comprised of systematic maintenance which is tailored specifically to the type of floor surface at hand – ensuring professional cleanliness with longevity.

All floor surfaces need protection at different levels. Dynamic Cleaning Services have the skillset, knowledge and tools at our disposal to professionally strip, seal and maintain all floors, from Hard Floors (stone and most tiles) to Resilient Floors (vinyl and rubber) and everything in between.

Deep Clean 101

To reach and maintain the necessary level of hygiene in commercial spaces, we advise a routine chemical deep-cleaning. Using the appropriate chemicals and equipment, even hard-to-reach areas are free from bacteria and hygienically safe. This lowers the risk of infection from unclean surfaces, workspaces, and fabrics within the building.

Health and Safety is crucial no matter what business you're in. Our chemical deep-clean plays an essential role in your commercial space's ability to pass stringent H&S Tests that all businesses face.

Our process: Once we have deep-cleaned your premises, we create a plan tailored to your business, to ensure the ongoing hygiene and maintenance of your commercial space.

Ongoing Services

Keeping Our Environments Clean

Commercial Contract Cleaning

Efficient, professional, dynamic cleaning services, including:
  • Pre-cleaning
  • General cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window cleaning (3 to 6m)

Daily Commercial Cleaning

Offices / Factories / Shopping Malls / Schools / Automobile / On-Site Car Wash
  • Daily Contractual Cleaning ensuring that your commercial space is at the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness, constantly safe for employees, clients, and guests.
  • Our Dynamic Staff are highly skilled and train in cleaning, hygiene, health and safety.
  • • HR and IR matters are managed by Dynamic Cleaning Services for all our staff, as an outsourced service.


At the Heart of What We Do.

Fantastic work environments leave longlasting impressions, and our continued focus remains on cleanliness, hygiene and excellence for your space.

We have tailor-made Monthly Maintenance Plans to ensure and maintain the hygienic cleanliness of all facilities. With this we also supply the necessary equipment to ensure that your restrooms and other high-risk spaces maintain these standards of hygiene.


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